We will help you move to Latvia comfortably and without stress!

Acquaintance with the city and the country

We offer short trips for 2-3 days to get to know Riga or another city (depending on your plans for moving). What can be done in such a short time:

  • feel the atmosphere of the city and residents
  • find out the necessary information on the spot
  • see the areas of the city where you would like to live
  • see options for apartments / houses
  • understand the location of significant objects


To move to the Republic of Latvia, you must obtain the relevant documents. Our company will help to understand all the nuances with the design and provide full support at all stages:

  • obtaining a residence permit
  • consulting of taxation in Latvia
  • employment consulting
  • opening a bank account
  • health insurance


We will coordinate all the necessary actions for your moving and transporting your personal belongings to Latvia:

  • arrange a meeting, accompaniment and delivery to a new destination
  • draw up the necessary documents
  • meet you at the airport
  • organize transfer from the airport to a place of residence
  • full support during the movement

Housing selection

We will choose an apartment or a house according to your preferences and budget. It can be either a rental or a home for a purchase. If necessary, we can provide teams for the repair of premises, construction of a house, as well as services for the arrangement of your personal space – the purchase of furniture, cleaning, home insurance, etc. We will help with the execution of the lease, the solution of domestic and technical issues to create a comfortable stay in a new place.

If you want to buy real estate in Latvia – we will find suitable options, draw up the necessary documents, provide transaction support by our specialists.

Your comfort is important to us!

Everyday life

The organization of life takes considerable time. And in a new place, this time can be increased by 2-3 times, especially if there are already work plans or other necessary things. To make it easier for you to settle in a new place, we will provide all the necessary information regarding:

  • accommodation – utilities, TV, internet, phone
  • everyday life – dry cleaning, cleaning
  • health – doctors, dentist, sport
  • beauty – hairdresser, massage, salons
  • everyday – shops, services
  • service – nanny, housework

Choosing a kindergarten / school for a child

If you are moving with children, we offer a choice of various educational institutions for schoolchildren and preschoolers who work according to international standards and have the appropriate certification. It can be both multilingual institutions and institutions with one language of instruction – English, German, French or Latvian. We will arrange a meeting with the management to communicate with teachers and educators on the spot. We will help you complete all the necessary documents for admission. If necessary, we will find a tutor for your child in the required subject. If there is a need for specialized education, we will find the optimal solution

Vehicle rental

We will help you rent or buy a car for your needs. And also give the necessary information:

  • where can you buy or rent
  • how to draw up documents
  • what taxes should be paid
  • how to go through technical inspections
  • how to insure a car
  • what to do and where to go in case of an accident

Communication skills

We will tell you where and how you can get the necessary communication or training in the Latvian language. In Riga there are language training classes for business and for the whole family, there are interest clubs and meeting places where you can find new friends and practice language skills. Intercultural seminars are also held periodically to more quickly integrate foreigners into the local environment. We’ll give you information, where what is happening, where you can go and what to do – events, seminars, master classes – based on your interests and preferences

Didn’t take into account
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to make you feel as at home?

We cannot always predict what you might need in a new place and in a new country. If you have any special wishes, we will try to find the best acceptable solution for you and your family members. If it is in our power – we will do it for you!

Welcome to Latvia!

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