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Jūrmala young performers' contest New Wave 2009
From the 28th of July till the 2nd of August in Jurmala will be concert of popular music the International Competition of young singers "New Wave 2009". The New Wave is the Latvian and Russian organized and it should be in the Dzintari concerthall. Presidents of board of adjudicators are Raimonds Pauls and Igor Krutoj, and tender muse - the popular artist in Russia - Alla Pugacheva. Competition "New Wave" brings together many of Russia and world-renowned stars.

In July Cēsis invites to enjoy the Czech culture
In cooperation with the Czech Republic Embassy in Riga, Cesis municipal agency "Vidzeme History and Tourism Center" invites visitors to enjoy the Czech culture. From the 2nd till the 25th of July Cesis Museum of History and Art (New Castle) will be a viewing at the exhibition "The Best of the Czech Republic." The exhibition presents the Czech scientists, inventors, unique natural and man-made formations.

Folklore Festival Baltic-2009
This summer, from day 8 and day 12 of july, Latvia will take place at XXII International folklore festival Baltic-2009, which will be attended by more than 2000 participants from Latvia and 200 participants from other countries. The festival aims to preserve, develop and promote a broader Latvian society and the other peoples and nationalities of intangible cultural heritage. This year's festival theme is "Signs"
Speedway Grand Prix of Latvia 2009 in Daugavpils
2009 Grand Prix will take place on August 1st and in the same way as in previous years, will be broadcast to 150 countries worldwide, of which 37 countries will be able to watch broadcast on air. These competitions will participate in the global top 15 riders and one Latvian Speedway rider, who in 2009 season produce the best results, start the Latvian Grand Prix at the stage after the wild card.

Air Balloon Festival, Rezekne 5-9 of August
Festival will take part in an air balloon teams from Latvia, as well as pilots from the near and distant neighbors. This festival has on this moment 27 air balloon pilots, but organizers predict that the number of air cylinders this year could reach 30. The festival program will be a key component of an air balloon flights in the morning and evening, during which time pilots, demonstrating his skills in a variety of racing challenges to the festival finally obtain valuable prizes.

Ventspils will take place in the traditional Sea Festival
The second weekend in July in Ventspils will be funs, songs and mirth, as will be celebrated the traditional Sea Festival. All-day will take place fairs of the Sea Festival, will be extreme sports competitions, but the main festival venue Port Street promenade will take place in thrilling show "Pirates lustes water and on land" by the sea Neptune, and the rulers of his suite arrival.

Sand Sculpture Festival 2009
Jelgava municipal agency "Culture" and the Jelgava City Council in conjunction with the road construction firm «Igate» offers 3. International sand sculpture festival "Summer Signs" (summer marks), from 10. to 12. July will take place in Victory Park in Jelgava

Jūrmala begun 18. International European hog rally
One of the largest and most significant measures of motorcycling world first will take place in one of the Eastern European countries - in Latvia, Jurmala.
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