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Baltic states
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     The BALTIC STATES are traditionally considered us center on theLatvia southeastern coast of Baltic sea, that includes Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Baltic States - these are ancient medieval castles and palaces, churches and fortification, narrow by-streets and house in the style of Art Nouveau, there are the romantic alloy of secret, love and history, there are unhurried leisure on the spacious coasts of Jurmala, noted by the dark-blue flag of ecology, there are European service, low prices and truly Baltic cordiality!
     The advantageous arrangement of Riga in the center of Latvia and convenient road-transport communication allows in one - two days routes to become acquainted with the most beautiful places for Latvia and to visit all four edges of Latvia - Vidzeme, Kurzeme, Zemgale and Latgale. Each of them distinguish the unique features of cultural heritage and their, historically prevailing, specific character.
     Vidzeme offers unique scenery, many different holidays opportunities andBaltic states the romantic air of ancient castles, manor estates and small towns.
     Kurzeme is the western region of Latvia, called the place where the sea and the forest talk because the main wealth of Kurzeme are the diverse and original shores of the Baltic Sea and the Riga Bay, stretching to a length of 400 kms and the expansion of virgin nature of forest, park, reserves, lakes, river valleys and waterfalls, as well as rural small-towns and villages.
     Zemgale - a region in southern Latvia. The first four Presidents of Latvia came from this region, many artists and other personalities in the field of culture were born here. The wide open Zemgale landscape can be seen to be dominated by human hand - fields of grain, canola and sugar beet extend as far as the eye can see.
     Latgale - one of the most beautiful regions of Latvia. Called the land of blue lakes, it differs fron other regions of Latvia not only by its very specific dialect, its day-to-day lifestyle, traditions, architecture, songs, clothing and other elements of culture, but also byits unusually scenic nature, quiet, green small-towns, strong traditions of the Catholic Church and history.
     The Baltic States are the Baltic country of lakes and is the richest region in lake in all Baltic. More than two thousand lakes are located in this territory!. Looking in a map, it is possible to see that together with the Polish and Finnish lakes, the land of Baltic lakes forms the European geographical mosaic.


     JURMALA is the biggest resort of Baltic States, located only 25 km away from Riga. Jurmala is a member of European Spas Associations and has a ststus of a "Healthy City", granded by World Health Organisation.
     The resort is famous for its 33 km long sandy beach flamed by dunes and pine forests. Due to shallow coastal waters, the beach is ideal for family-stays asJurmala Guide small children can feel safe padding and playing by the sea. The air is very clean, and qietness, as well as whispers of the waves calm down and relaxes the body and soul.
     Jurmala is a unique resort as it combines few important factors for having a healthy vacation: healthy climate (sunbathings, talassotherapy - sweeming in the sea, psammotherapy - sand bathes, air therapy), local mineral water springs (sulphur, bromine and natrium-chloride) and curative muds, used SPA and rehabilitation treatments, based on 150-year old traditions.

     SIGULDA is the most beautiful town in Latvia. It is situated in the territory of Gauja National Park and it is known also by its nickname "Switzerland of Latvia". Sigulda is situated on the bank of the River Gauja, one of the most picturesque rivers of Latvia. The Gaija rushes, hissing and seething along the banks with overchanging rocks of white and red sandstone.

     Straddling a narrow strip of land between the sea and a lake, Latvia`s thirdTravel to Latvia largest city - LIEPAJA - began as a humble fishing village, eventually becoming a major trading port under the leadrship of Jacob Kettler. Today Liepaja is known as progressive city with beautiful architecture, a Blue Flag beach and raging nightlife that just won`t qiute.

     VENTSPILS – one of the most ancient cities of Latvia. The beginning of building of its territory connect with construction of Livonian Order Castle which the first time in historical documents is mentioned in 1290.
     One of the most popular walk places in the city are the Ostas Street Promenade or Ventmala with the following sights: the Livonian Order Castle, the excursion boat Hercogs Jekabs, the figural flower bed Ladybirds, the fountain Ship Watcher, the Travelling Cow with heith of 4 meters, etc.
     From the starts of the 1999 swimming season, the Ventspils beach has been proudly flying the Blue Flag.
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