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The majority of people prefer to have a rest in private country houses, in cottages or in apartments - it`s unusually, it`s exclusive, it`s actual, also it`s eventually and favourably!

The majority of inhabitants of big cities try to have a rest at least two time yearly. The trip to holiday is a long-awaited moment for which we prepare, almost from the moment of returning, captiously studying geographical maps and photos of hotels, responses. And, certainly, each of us would like, that days of rest were remembered for a long time and memoirs on them supported us within « long winter evenings ». Many of us, already skilled travellers, were satiated with hotel-beach rest, to us submit something new, unusual and "exclusive". And such opportunity is a rent of habitation for rest such us apartment in Old Riga or in Jurmala, cottage in Jurmala or in Riga.

However, there is a question: whether difficultly to rent the house or an apartment in the center of Riga or in Jurmala? The answer is unequivocal: it`s very simply.

It`s enough to come on our web-site and you can pick up to yourselves that habitation where you with pleasure will lead the holiday.
On a web-site there is an opportunity closely to consider numerous photos of apartments and cottages. Here it`s possible to look as the facade of the house, a bedroom, a living room, kitchen and even a toilet and bathroom. This rather fascinating employment, in fact each apartment or the house are full of individuality, in everyone appears inexpressible local colour.

Here no place to unifity and sterile standard of a hotel room. Each person is capable to pick up to itself that interior in which he will feel as much as possible comfortably.

If you like a raging life of city there always will be comfortable apartments to your taste directly in the historical center of Riga where you are waited with a variety of cafe, restaurants, night clubs, casino, various actions and productive leisure suffices. Or you will never forget impressions of visiting museums, concerts of classical music, an opera, festivals which are constantly spent in Riga.

Renting a cottage, you will receive the whole house. You will have at least 60 m2 of a floor space. And now imagine the sizes of standard number in a hotel... The majority of houses and cottages have the terrace, a green court yard, a sauna. Many of them are located directly on coast of Baltic sea just in few minutes from the sandy beach. Cottages can be located in Jurmala, Saulkrasti, Ventspils, Liepaja and other Latvia`s small towns.

Will agree, in fact it`s more pleasant to spend holiday in a beautiful interior where will be present not only « an obligatory hotel set » - a bed, a bedside-table, a mirror, a case, but also own fireplace, whatnot, boudoir little tables, a bar rack and the other attributes necessary for a beautiful life.


By your door will not be, as in a hotel, infinitely to ply the personnel, you should not communicate with importunate porters and waiters. And behind a wall at you the neighbour, or the scandalous pair which is all the night long without a break finding out the attitudes will not lodge noisy.

You do not depend on the schedule tour group, and a mode and rules of hotel.

Most of cottages and houses are located in silent settlements, have a sauna, an output to the Baltic sea. Plus to it you have a spacious drawing room and a green court yard where it is possible to relax completely, not being irritated on undesirable neighbours. You can invite friends and arrange the present private parties all day long. And can, on the contrary enjoy silence and rest in a circle of family, listening to singing of birds or whisper of foliage. Here you to itself owners and your rest completely in your hands.

Just think still that you should not eat every day at the same restaurant. You can cook to yourselves food, for this purpose at you at the disposal of the whole kitchen supplied all necessary, including microwave, a washing machine - it is possible to travel light. Well, and if you do not wish to prepare, always it is possible to order delivery of meal for additional money or to visit numerous neighboring small restaurants, that too in itself is excellent rest.

If you cannot leave per day a favourite dog or a cat, you can grasp a pet with yourself, many owners of the real estate have no anything against while in a hotel hardly it will be possible to you.

And, at last, so to say, on sweet: the most important factor. Such rest not more expensive as a hotel, but, as a rule, much more cheaply. To hotels all became more difficult to compete to offers of the private proprietors who are handing over an available real estate under the comprehensible prices. And it`s valid if to compare expenses for maintenance of an infrastructure of hotel, payments of the attendants, etc. with expenses of the private person for maintenance of a cottage, apartments or houses, comparison will be obvious not in favour of hotels.

Judge, for standard number in hotel, on the average, from the tourist will take not less than 40-60 euros day while the house, a cottage or apartments it is possible to rent all for cheap price - just 15-20 euros at the rate of on one person! Rent of apartments and cottages is the best variant of rest right now.

Welcome to Latvia, Riga, Jurmala that all the received impressions have remained unforgettable in your memory!
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