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Латвия туризм Рига Латвия
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Рига Латвия
     RIGA is often called the entertainment Mecca of the Baltics with its mushrooming clubs, casinos and discos. It has always been famous for its skybohemian moods since the Soviet times and now it is only becoming more cosmopolitan and sophisticated. Each taste or mood can be satisfated with an appropriate club or bar. The night out often starts at the favourite meeting point of Rigans since the 30ies - the Laima clock. It continues in one of the Old Town bars - Irish and British pubs being very popular and always crowded. You can choose from mega-discos like club "Essential" and stylish house club ""Nautilus" to more underground clubs like "Metro" or "Pulkviedim Neviens Neraksta". Then there is also something for live music lovers - Latvian rock or international jazz and blues ("Cita Opera", "Cetri Balti Krekli", "Hamlets", etc.).
     The image would not be compelete without mentioning the hot adult entertainment and gambling options - numerous exciting erotic shows as in an club "Dolls" and casinos as Olympic Voodoo Casino will keep your eyes wide open all the night long. Most of the venues concentrate in the Old Town, with the exception of the bigger clubs. Keep in mind that as in all cities, safety precautions are adviser when out late at night.
     JURMALA is the biggest resort of Baltic States, located only 25 km away jurmalafrom Riga. Jurmala is a member of European Spas Associations and has a ststus of a "Healthy City", granded by World Health Organisation.
     Jurmala`s yacht-clubs rent yahts, cutters, water-skis and water motorcycles. You can watch international sports contests in academic rowing, water motor sport, sailing, water-skiing. Aquapark "Live Aquapark" is open all year round. Another active rest in Jurmala - bicycle tours, golf, beach football and volleyball, tennis, surfing, horse riding.
     Dzintari concert hall invites you on various concerts. A lot of popular musicians have performed - G.Ginsburg, S.Richter, L.Kogan, D.Ostreich, Rastropovich, Patricia Kaas, Candy Dulpher, Kremerata Baltica, Bremen Symphony Orchestra, and Latvian National Symphonic Orchestra. Every year festivals like "The singing KIVIN", "Balet Stars", the young performes competition "New Wave" and International classic music festival "Summertime" and International Opera music festival take place in Dzintaru concert hall.
      For the amateurs of more productive leisure also there is the possibility to take pleasure by the beauties of Baltic edge, combining all this with the sharpness of the obtained sensations depending on the selected means of transportation: on the rafts and boats along the rivers, on the balloon and the delta-plan, of safari and Quadra cycles.
     waterAnd certainly for the amateurs of sport leisure also there are the unlimited possibilities of conducting its free time: sport hunting, parachutes, paintball, bobsley, carting, fishing, tennis, diving, golf.
     Natural tourism ever more actively is developed on entire Latvia. To the amateurs of calm leisure it is proposed to visit the most beautiful places of all regions of Latvia: castles and estates, caves and grottos, the natural paths, rivers and lakes, national parks, the waterfalls, Baltic coast.
СОБЫТИЯ В ЛАТВИИ   http://www.bilesuserviss.lv

СОБЫТИЯ В ЛАТВИИ   http://www.bilesuparadize.lv/

КУЛЬТУРА В ЛАТВИИ   http://www.culture.lv/en/

КИНОТЕАТР Coca-Cola Plaza   http://www.forumcinemas.lv

GO PLANET, развлекательный центр, Рига   http://www.goplanet.lv


Рижский ЗООПАРК   http://www.rigazoo.lv

Центр отдыха LIDO, Рига   тел.: +371 26448510

АКВАПАРК LIVU, Юрмала   http://www.akvaparks.lv

СПА ЦЕНТР BALTIC BEACH, Юрмала   http://www.balticbeach.lv

ЗАМКИ И ДВОРЦЫ   http://www.castles.lv

ПОЛЕТЫ НА ВОЗДУШНОМ ШАРЕ    http://www.altius.lv

БОУЛИНГ    http://www.zelta.lv

ГОЛЬФ КЛУБ OZO    http://www.ozogolf.lv

ЭКСТРИМ-КЛУБ прыжки с парашютом,   тел.: +371 29425210

ДЖИП САФАРИ, Сигулда   тел.: +371 26448510

КАНОЕ, ЛОДКИ на Гауе   тел.: +371 26448510

АЭРОДИУМ, Сигулда   http://www.aerodium.lv

ПРЫЖКИ НА КАНАТЕ, Сигулда   тел.: +371 26448510

ПОЛЕТЫ НА АЭРОПЛАНЕ, Сигулда   тел.: +371 26448510

БОБСЛЕЙ, Сигулда   тел.: +371 26448510

ЗИМНИЙ СПОРТ, Сигулда   http://www.ocs.lv

ПАРК ПРИКЛЮЧЕНИЙ, для детей и взрослых, Сигулда   http://www.mezakakis.lv

МИНИ БАГИ, Сигулда   тел.: +371 26448510

СТРЕЛЬБА   тел.: +371 26448510

РЫБНАЯ ЛОВЛЯ   тел.: +371 26448510

ТЮРЕМНОЕ ШОУ, Лиепая   http://www.karaostaacietums.lv
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