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You are welcome to Jurmala – biggest seasideJurmala resort climatic and balneological resort in the Baltic States. Wide and 33 long beach with its golden sand, healthy pine trees’ air, relaxing sounds of waves in the sea, mineral water that flows out of bowels of the earth and healing mud are the main natural resources that makes your stay in Jurmala unforgettable and at the same time – favorable to the health.

Resort rehabilitation centers, resort hotels, SPA and Wellness centers are the ideal places for relaxation, regaining strength as well as looking after the health and feeling of comfort. Jurmala offers different ways of recreation, so as everyone could be able to find the most suitable.

Jurmala beachA big treasure of Jurmala are natural resources located in its territory - ionized sea air and air of pine tree woods that is enriched with phytonicide, quartz sand on the beach, mineral waters, healing turf and sapropel mud that improve mental and physical comfort, as well as contributes to recovery of health. Due to natural conditions and local natural healing resources, Jurmala can be proud of having two kinds of resorts in one place – balneological and maritime climate resorts.

For people Jurmala SPA hotels, resort rehabilitation establishments and sanatoriums offer resort rehabilitation and SPA treatments, anti stress programs for reducing of tension and increasing working capacity. Combined courses offer to reach the best result in short time. City’s resort establishments offer complex packages for treatment, recreation and rehabilitation that include physical therapy, physiotherapy, water gymnastics, different kinds of massage, air-climate therapy, thalassotherapy, sand bathes (psammotherapy), salt rooms, horse riding therapy and other treatments, based on natural resources.

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Dzintari Concert Hall offers an extensive programs of unforgettable events for Summer period, among themJurmala Dzintaru hall International Festival of music “Summertime”, Competition of new singers “New Wave”, International Festival of ballets “Ballet stars in Jurmala” etc. Such events as Resort’s summer season opening festival, Sea Festival, in honor of one of the oldest pedestrians streets in LatviaJomas street – a Jomas street festival will take place in Jurmala. And this is not all – hundreds of different events will make your stay in Jurmala interesting and entertaining.

Jurmala is ideal place not only for recreation. Every enterprise can merge its corporate event and productive work with relaxing and health regenerating treatments. Can you think of a better business conversation than one when you are playing golf in one of the biggest golf courses in the Baltic States – “Saliena Golf”, while your wife and children relax, for example, in water amusement park “Livu akvaparks”.

Jurmala streetJurmala is a culture historical centre – unique wooden architecture, old buildings, historical soul of the city makes image of it, and it shows its attraction through several culture tourism routes along the entire city.

For the joy, fun and adventures in the free time and tempting evenings the resort offers multiple options for relaxation and entertainment. Restaurants, bars, night clubs and the River Ship (in the summer season) offer options to organize private events adapted to needs and wishes of guests.

Jurmala is a paradise for water sport lovers! Beaches of Majori and Jaunkemeri have received The Blue Flag – eco-label that testifies the quality of water and safety in the beach area for swimming and relaxation. In the shores of Lielupe river there are several yacht-clubs where you can order the boat or yacht trips in the river, give yourself in the wakeboard or waterskiing, rent water bikes or motorbikes for your own rides.
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